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The Doodlemaster 2000
30 April 2012 @ 10:56 pm
SO HEY! I haven't used this ol' girl in ages.
If you'd like to follow a more current journal of mine I'm over there on tumblr under hackedmotionsensors.
Plenty of Steve/Tony stuff there. Luv dem avengers
The Doodlemaster 2000
18 July 2011 @ 01:21 am
OKAY! So Emile tipped me off that you could buy stuff from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter online (YAY No real need for a trip to Florida...yet)

And of course the first thing I check is wands. Because frankly...I'm tired of using Sirius Black's wand as my wand XD I GET TO SAY "I pried it from his cold dead hands....and from behind the curtain"....

But it'd be nice to have a wand of my own Ahaha.

AND THEY HAVE SNAPE'S WAND FOR SALE. Oh my giddy god its gorgeous. Carvings on the handle. Nnnggfff. Soooo nice.

So of course, next I check Mr. R.J.Lupin's wand.

And man.....Did I lol.

Frankly. It looks like a buttplug.
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The Doodlemaster 2000
17 July 2011 @ 11:29 am
I think I might get back into using this thing Ahahaa.

ANYWAY! Because I'm old, and cling to my things that I loved....like....herpes or something...

I got super poopy excited that Dir en Grey is touring in NA again!!!!

>8( NONE of them are Vegas spots though. So maybe....Maybe....Road trip to San Fran?? Another three day short trip to New York???? WE SHALL SEE!

Maybe I can work in a vacation where I go to NY and FL(....so i can see Wizarding World of Harry Potter too because I am a big nerd fagsy wagsy don't care 8D)

BTW. Speaking of HP. XD I'm okay now. I had my crybaby day and I'm fine now. I just wanna draw pages and pages of Snape now but....my OCs are much easier 8B
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The Doodlemaster 2000
I rarely rarely rarely if EVER cry. And I cry EVEN less at movies.

I didn't cry while reading Deathly Hallows.

I LITERALLY SOBBED and SCREAMED watching Deathly Hallows.

LoL Still coming to terms with it. I'll never get over it ahaha.

Everyone had a fantasy story with Harry Potter. I had a fantasy story with Snape. He was why I got INTO the books, he was always the common denominator to everything I drew or read in fandom.

I want to watch it again and hopefully I'll be able to watch it without crying. I had to turn away at certain points because I couldn't take it XD

There were a few points when I turned to Stephanie and said I didn't wanna watch this movie anymore.

I still think the last movie(s) were better than the last book. Certainly the ability to rip emotions from my cold and unbeating heart(lol) were more powerful with the movie.

Can I have Sherlock Holmes already so I can stop being a miserable crybaby??
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The Doodlemaster 2000
07 May 2011 @ 01:43 am
I know no one uses this thing anymore(including me) since everyone's sorta moved over to facebook or twitter or even(more recently) Tumblr. But LJ really is the perfect place to vent and vent properly.

I'm not sure whats wrong with me lately but I'm feeling really really angry and upset. And its happening ALL the time lately.
I keep getting angry at school, teachers, assignments, failure to do assignments well, work, new co-workers, lack of useful time, lack of sleep, family, myself etc etc etc.
I dunno if its lack of sleep or...I'm just kinda stressed out right now but so many things are just.....

just really BOTHERING me. I am in a constant state of BOTHERED. Of course it fluctuates but its almost always there and I'm absolutely not sure why at all. I WANTED to think it was because I started a new medicine but its been going on for a while now.

Things that are supposed to be fun like drawing and cosplay are bothering me. Like.....When I do fun art it never seems any good and cosplay...well there's a whole other ball of aggravation. I work too slow to make things all the time LIKE I WANT TO. I just wanna do it for fun but it seems like....I dunno like all the fun is draining out of it lately. Like it kinda feels like I'm putting in (albeit slowly) a bunch a BUUUNCH of effort and its kind of....not....either appreciated or up to par to expectations or ....I don't even know.

I'm running outta steam here. But the biggest problem I have is that when I try to analyze what might be wrong with me or why I'm angry all the time I feel like......What the hell do I have reason to be angry for? A fair question but for me it seems like its an accusatory question. Like I'm sort of telling myself that my problems are mundane. WHICH I FEEL LIKE THEY ARE! Like why am I worried about cosplay when I should be thankful I have a house??

I dunno. Long story short, I'm sorry if I'm seeming like a shit all the time lately. I'm just upset about a lot of things that I'm not even sure why.
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The Doodlemaster 2000
15 February 2011 @ 01:24 am
MARAUDERS CAFE!!! And...a sexy-time DracoCollapse )
Getting back into HP art again. Mostly because....I miss drawing Snape. And his legs. XD

HETALIA!Collapse )
I draw a lot of Hetalia lately but I think thats because there's SO many different characters. Its a thing I originally liked about Harry Potter.

And now two relatively small images that don't fit anywhere

Based off of something denkimouse said during a ustream. Tabunne and Raichu are like Angel and Stitch. Thought it was cute XD

CIEL!!! I love drawing him but I really wanna draw Sebastian....but he's a very uncooperative little bastard. So I draw Ciel....a lot.

END! (The mood icon for tired ...makes me not tired >8D)
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The Doodlemaster 2000
13 February 2011 @ 05:27 pm
Here's what I feel like drawing and will be drawing soon.

More fake Harry Potter/B-boys manga covers.
More Marauders' Cafe.
More Snape in general. I miss my greasy git.
More SMAP art. I have two in mind already and one in the works.
More Kuroshitsuji!! I promise to draw someone other than Ciel.
Some new/revamped designs for Frank and David's characters.
More Hetalia!
More boys in dresses!!(okay...this one is actually getting outta hand)

PLEASE VOTE FOR LYDIA!....er.....I mean please look forward to it.

If there's anything you'd like to see...I'll take it into great consideration. Since school started I seem to be trying to up my skill level. And I feel like its working. But I'm a slow worker. So keep that in mind.
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The Doodlemaster 2000
24 January 2011 @ 02:14 am
I just went through my entire last sketchbook. I had so many things in it that I needed to scan ages ago and color.

Like the Pokemon Christmascards (Luckily the drawings weren't holiday oriented 8D CLEVERRR)

And the SMAP "FLY" drawing.

AND ALL THE MANY MANY MANY Hetalia sketches.

And the Doctor Who sketches.

Well....we'll see if I can accomplish those. Derp derp derp.

Remember when people used livejournal?
The Doodlemaster 2000
17 January 2011 @ 03:33 am
Apparently...there's a new Code Geass (either in the works or just started. its pretty new either way).

And....It does not have Lelouch. With good reason since my favorite character has died. DIED!! *cue massive amounts of crying*

Anyway, I'm pretty excited anyway since its technically Code Geass : Lelouch blahblahblah Code Geas: Nanaly's awesome wheel chair Code Geass: C2's amazing ability to eat pizza and not get fat oh yeah she's animated it doesn't matter

The Geass is just a gift that certain people had so it makes sense to make another series on it.
Like Avatar: Legend of Kora. And LIKE Kora I'm still worried whether it'll be as liked as the original. It won't be better. But that doesn't mean it won't be awesome or JUST as good. But there's a special place in my heart for those originals.

Anyway....I can't wait to watch it, regardless.

AND SPEAKING OF CODE GEASS!! Steph got me a Lelouch poster(it was two bucks or something XD) and I bought a gorgeous Clamp art Suzaku and Lelouch wallscroll. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS the last time I saw the hooks was when I asked Steph if she'd put them in my Meowth bag. Now....they are missing.

Fuck. How the hell do I hang this piece of crap?
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The Doodlemaster 2000
10 December 2010 @ 11:06 pm
Okay. Officially...there are no patterns for pants, that are in my size...that are worth bothering with. I know I have a weird shape but seriously...this is ridiculous. I had to alter these pants so much just to look vaguely normal and not like Grandma's Slacks that now they just look insane.

I'm going to have to start over from scratch. There's no point in it but that frustrates me to no end. The legs were looking great and the fabric pattern matched up perfectly but the whole waist area just looks floppy and gross. GRAH. Luckily I have a shit ton of coupons for JoAnns so I can get more fabric and a new zipper.

Its just weird. There HAS to be more girls now a days that are sewing due to cosplay and you would THINK that since the patterns are SUPPOSED to follow style trends that lower waisted jeans/pants patterns would be a BIT MORE COMMON.

Why are the hems always up to my god damned tits?


LoL FOUND ONE!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/15883494/new-vogue-pattern-8202-pants-jeans-capri

Also rummaging in my fabric boxes I found a SHIT TON of Black Felt that I can make
this 8D
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