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17 July 2011 @ 11:29 am
Okay. 'sup LJ?  
I think I might get back into using this thing Ahahaa.

ANYWAY! Because I'm old, and cling to my things that I loved....like....herpes or something...

I got super poopy excited that Dir en Grey is touring in NA again!!!!

>8( NONE of them are Vegas spots though. So maybe....Maybe....Road trip to San Fran?? Another three day short trip to New York???? WE SHALL SEE!

Maybe I can work in a vacation where I go to NY and FL(....so i can see Wizarding World of Harry Potter too because I am a big nerd fagsy wagsy don't care 8D)

BTW. Speaking of HP. XD I'm okay now. I had my crybaby day and I'm fine now. I just wanna draw pages and pages of Snape now but....my OCs are much easier 8B
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