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18 July 2011 @ 01:21 am
8D Ahahaha Buttplug.  
OKAY! So Emile tipped me off that you could buy stuff from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter online (YAY No real need for a trip to Florida...yet)

And of course the first thing I check is wands. Because frankly...I'm tired of using Sirius Black's wand as my wand XD I GET TO SAY "I pried it from his cold dead hands....and from behind the curtain"....

But it'd be nice to have a wand of my own Ahaha.

AND THEY HAVE SNAPE'S WAND FOR SALE. Oh my giddy god its gorgeous. Carvings on the handle. Nnnggfff. Soooo nice.

So of course, next I check Mr. R.J.Lupin's wand.

And man.....Did I lol.

Frankly. It looks like a buttplug.
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